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  • The Other Beer Snobbery

    The Other Beer Snobbery

    I resent being called a “beer snob”. Mostly because it just flat isn’t true. I rarely turn up my nose at any beer offered to me. I do have my standards such as nothing with the term “lime” in the name, or “apple” or “lemonade”. But then again, that’s not ...

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  • The Curious Chiller Debate (or why I like inline chillers)

    The Curious Chiller Debate (or why I like inline chillers)

    In my reading of hundreds of posts in homebrewing forums and numerous inquiries through Hands-On Brewing, there seems to be a pretty good debate brewing (pun intended) about chillers and chilling homebrew. Do I have a preference on materials and methods, as the title implies, of course! But with that ...

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  • Kegging 101

    Kegging 101

      Kegging your beer is a goal to which every homebrewer should aspire.  Pouring your very own beer from a keg is something that all homebrewers should experience at some point in their brewing.  My own personal kegging journey led me to build the now nearly-famous Great Fridge Project.  But before ...

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  • Recirculation Mashing Systems (RMS) – An Overview

    Recirculation Mashing Systems (RMS) - An Overview

    Is RMS for you? The Recirculating Mashing System is not for everyone.  It involves a lot of planning, extra expense, extra know-how, and more equipment.  It does complicate your brew day a bit and sometimes can get in the way of actually making good beer if it doesn't work the way ...

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  • The Hermit Brewery

    The Hermit Brewery

    Welcome to the new home of the HERMIT Brewery! This has been a long time in the making and I am proud to finally update all of the details of the HERMIT brewery as it stands today.  The HERMIT was designed and built in 2001 and has undergone several changes over ...

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